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Get instant calculations of your body’s health status at home with Human Health’s cutting-edge and easy to use biochemistry toolkits.

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From assessing your food and fluid intake to vitamin and mineral supplement suggestions and more, our home health tests have the formula to your own first-class healing.

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The relationship between PH and your health

Backed By Science, From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Discover more about the PH levels in your urine and saliva and feel confident in maintaining a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. Through our phone app, receive your summary analysis and correct your pH with a list of the most beneficial foods based on your own personal biochemistry.

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What to supplement?

Mineral and Vitamin Supplements to elevate your health

Digestion of nutrients and minerals can change from person to person. This urine and saliva analysis will suggest the best vitamin and mineral supplement plan to optimise energy and remineralise your biochemistry.

HealthScan 101 Our Home Biochemistry Testing Kit is Fast, Easy and Accurate

Why Understanding Your Body’s Biochemistry Is So Vitally Important

Understanding your biochemistry is vitally important. Our easy to use tests are formulated with complex mathematical equations to determine precisely where energy loss is occurring. By testing at home you feel empowered by building a better understanding of your overall health.

Food and Fluid Intake
Digestion Effectiveness
Excretion of Wastes


  • HealthScan 101

    HealthScan 101 includes the following:
    • Urine & Saliva Analysis
    • Confidentiality Report
    • 7 Biochemistry Indicators + Report (Liver Health, Undigested Protein Indicators Included)
    • Mineral & Vitamin Recommendations
    • Access to Professional Support

    Only $47

  • The MiniLab

    Human Health Mini Lab Kit

    MiniLab includes the following:
    • Professional Kit and Carry Case
    • Confidentiality Report
    • 4 Biochemistry Indicators
    • Access to Resources and Human Health Education Program
    • Professional Login
    • Beneficial Food Lists
    • Access to Professional Support

    Only $499

  • Naturopaths

    Access professional support:
    • Online Consultations
    • 30min to 60min Bookings
    • Diet & Mineral/Vitamin Recommendations
    • Counselling
    • Holistic Health & Wellness Advice
    • Customised Treatment

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  • Jenny Head Coach Testimonial Photo

    It’s a fascinating tool, it has a lot of potential…. I think it could really help a lot of people. If it’s helping athletes at that elite level, then it’s going to help everybody with their health.

    Jenny Boucek | Head Coach, Seattle Storm
  • I use this system to be the best performing Jim Sharps that I can be

    Jim Sharps | President & CEO of the International Institute of Original Medicine
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Want To Know More About Your Health & Biochemistry?

Your body is constantly updating with new cells for energy, skin, muscle, and bone health. To do this at optimum levels, your body requires water, air and food in the form of different raw materials. These include minerals and vitamins that your body cannot produce on its own in sufficient amounts.

Failing to get sufficient quantities of minerals and vitamins is likely to guarantee suboptimal performance. Even consuming a diet containing recommended daily amounts of important vitamins, minerals, and other compounds can still lead to suboptimal health and performance. The MiniLab Kit enables you to monitor key personal hydration and nutrition levels. Your MiniLab system includes the personalised Human Health App which guides you on what to eat, what to take and what to do to reach and maintain your optimum health.

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